Sunday, 20 May 2012

Street music day!

As I promised. On Saturday we had an amazing event in Lithuania, called Street music day! So the day was absolutely perfect! Sunny, a bit windy, but perfect! Maybe I dressed up a little too much, but I felt good, since I don't really want to catch a cold with this early summery weather. Talking about music, I excepted more. I didn't see a lot of street musicians, like I imagined. A few places, where "DJ's" played music, but we can't really call them street musicians, right? 
Later that evening, me and my friends went to X-Factor auditions! This one also was a bit disappointing. It was nothing we see on TV. Big pauses, the sound system was also not quite good. But it still was pretty fun, since I've never been to such thing as TV shows auditions! :)
Even later, we stayed up for fireworks! I am SO happy, that I can finally feel the summer near the corner! 


In the background " but I don't even like Coca Cola"

This is where my ideas of being in love came :)

Pina Colada!

XFactor stage! 

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