Friday, 25 May 2012

le perfekt friday

Not really a perfect, but still amazing! That history test went as all of my history tests, so nothing special. After school me and my friend thought of going on a picnic! It was such a lovely weather and it felt so good driving a vintage bike! I mean, it's not mine, it's kinda my grandmother's now, and I borrowed it and fell in love with that bike! So comfortable, easy to ride and it's blue! I think I am repeating myself a lot in these blogs but the feeling that it's almost summer drives me crazy ( in a good way) ! And even now, I got an offer to go to sanatorium this summer! I don't really know my opinion on that, since it is quite difficult to decide, if I want to leave my hometown, and go to different place with different people and different pillows for almost 3 weeks! But I hope everything will be great, I will make good decisions and have an amazing summer!
PS. Yes, the perfekt in the title needs to be spelled with k.

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