Sunday, 27 May 2012

aviation show

It's always good to go away from the town you are in your whole life. Even just for a day. My family didn't know the road and how much time it will take to get us to the city, where the aviation show was held.

When we finally got to the city we needed, we parked far away, because there wasn't any parking space left, but we didn't actually knew it was 5 km far! :O Followed this huge crowd for about an hour!

There was a photography exhibition of pictures taken in India. I think that was the only thing I really liked about this festival. 

They tried to show us how they use helicopters to put out the fire. They released the water ...

and they missed! :DDDDDD

Just found this picture I took and that I like! Click on the picture so you can see better !  


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