Wednesday, 30 May 2012


FUCK! Why other people always need to fuck up everything for me. I mean keep your business to yourself! uuhhhh can' wait to finish everything on 11th of June. And then. Completely different people, new atmosphere. New places, new faces!~~ I can't even be on facebook now. Even that annoys me. bleh. I think I'm just going to do my long-planned post about postcards now. :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Math exam went great! Can't wait to see the results!~~

The song that has been stuck in my head this week:

And the song I just fell in love with a few minutes ago. It seems, like I'm flying when I listen to in the dark. 

PS. Everything seems so perfect right now. I have the whole June planned!!! :*

Sunday, 27 May 2012

aviation show

It's always good to go away from the town you are in your whole life. Even just for a day. My family didn't know the road and how much time it will take to get us to the city, where the aviation show was held.

When we finally got to the city we needed, we parked far away, because there wasn't any parking space left, but we didn't actually knew it was 5 km far! :O Followed this huge crowd for about an hour!

There was a photography exhibition of pictures taken in India. I think that was the only thing I really liked about this festival. 

They tried to show us how they use helicopters to put out the fire. They released the water ...

and they missed! :DDDDDD

Just found this picture I took and that I like! Click on the picture so you can see better !  


Saturday, 26 May 2012

favorite music

I plan to do some of my "favorites" posts. Today it's time for favorite music. Here are my most listened top 20 songs all time. (click on the picture to see the songs)

My music style is pretty random. I love music from country to dubstep. I'll showyou my favorite artists from genres I like and here are some of the songs I think you should check it out! :)


Drum and bass:

Hip hop:



Just a bit of my loves. Let me know what you think about these songs and share your favorites! I love discovering new music! :) 

Friday, 25 May 2012

le perfekt friday

Not really a perfect, but still amazing! That history test went as all of my history tests, so nothing special. After school me and my friend thought of going on a picnic! It was such a lovely weather and it felt so good driving a vintage bike! I mean, it's not mine, it's kinda my grandmother's now, and I borrowed it and fell in love with that bike! So comfortable, easy to ride and it's blue! I think I am repeating myself a lot in these blogs but the feeling that it's almost summer drives me crazy ( in a good way) ! And even now, I got an offer to go to sanatorium this summer! I don't really know my opinion on that, since it is quite difficult to decide, if I want to leave my hometown, and go to different place with different people and different pillows for almost 3 weeks! But I hope everything will be great, I will make good decisions and have an amazing summer!
PS. Yes, the perfekt in the title needs to be spelled with k.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I don't know what it is about this song. But I fell in love with it from the first beats.

So, the Lithuanian exam went pretty normal I guess. I don't really want to talk about it. Kinda nervous about the results and that's it.
Didn't do much after the exam, just hung out with my friends. I can't wait to finish the math exam too. I'll be having it on tuesday. And that's it. Tuesday is the last day of torture. I just want to grab my bicycle, drive to new places and do something new every day. I am bored of this routine.
Either way, thanks for clicking the adds. If you have time, click some more! :))

#drunk and tired. Still need to learn the brand new grammar for English test tomorrow and do some math homework. I need to log off of my skype, because if not, soon I'll be writing to someone messages I'll regret later. 
in an hour I'll be writing lithuanian exam. #nervous! Hope everything will be ok. Wish me luck! 
oh, and click the ad on the right if you have time ( no viruses included) :) 

Monday, 21 May 2012

I want to take a picture of spring

Fabulous Sunday! It was my cousin's, his father's and grandmother's birthdays! I finally repaired my camera a bit and took a lot of photos! I missed photography so much! When I first got my camera turned on and watch through the window I got an idea that I want to take a picture of spring today! :)  While me and my little cousin were swinging on a swing (:D) I looked up and saw this amazing view that is now my favorite picture and even my desktop background.

PS. Click on the pictures to see them in bigger size! :)

This is the one!

oh, and PSS. I'm loving blogspot! I mean, there are so many amazing people, that always I want to share their experience with everyone! Blogspot is really a good place to meet new people and even find new music like I did from !!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Street music day!

As I promised. On Saturday we had an amazing event in Lithuania, called Street music day! So the day was absolutely perfect! Sunny, a bit windy, but perfect! Maybe I dressed up a little too much, but I felt good, since I don't really want to catch a cold with this early summery weather. Talking about music, I excepted more. I didn't see a lot of street musicians, like I imagined. A few places, where "DJ's" played music, but we can't really call them street musicians, right? 
Later that evening, me and my friends went to X-Factor auditions! This one also was a bit disappointing. It was nothing we see on TV. Big pauses, the sound system was also not quite good. But it still was pretty fun, since I've never been to such thing as TV shows auditions! :)
Even later, we stayed up for fireworks! I am SO happy, that I can finally feel the summer near the corner! 


In the background " but I don't even like Coca Cola"

This is where my ideas of being in love came :)

Pina Colada!

XFactor stage! 

can't sleep

I think I had too much coffee today! It was really a good day. I had forgotten that excitement when you meet new people. I have been around the same people for far too long! Even though I consider those people my friends, when they start to annoy me it's the sign I need to get away... I'll write about street music day and all Saturday fun tomorrow, when I'll have photos.

Since I can't sleep, I've been reading LGMH on my iPod and thought that I can't wait to fall in love. #thisshitisgettingpersonal 

Friday, 18 May 2012

puking rainbows

Easy day with fabulous pictures! Even though today I had two test and the first half of the day was so breathtakingly cold, the evening was great! Went with my friend to take some pictures, go around the town and finally relax. I haven't been out in such a long time! I'm not going to write a lot this time, just enjoy the pictures!

My hair grew so much since last June! :O
Happy with the length, but the color just drives me crazy! Hope to go to hairdressers soon! :)  

child from the fields

Proud of this picture I took!


Cosmetic by tiger and feelin' hot-hot-hot by OPI

when the name of the blog post "puking rainbows" was born

And the song that was stuck in my head all day long and I don't even know why. Maybe because of the latest episode of Glee. 
PS. Visit my friend hipster at

Thursday, 17 May 2012


What a horrible night. I learnt my lesson. I won't ever be responsible for huge things. Only those times, when I'll be absolutely sure, that I can do it. 
I needed to make a video for a whole class as a physics creative project. And I did everything. I was doing the video for the past week 2-3 hours a day, but last 3 days I've given almost 20 hours of my time to do it. And I don't really know what to blame. Sony Vegas, my computer or my self? The video won't render. I stayed up till I needed to go to school. Brought my laptop to show the teacher, that everything is done, but the technologies disappointed us. 
Even though I let down the whole class, feel awful myself, damaged my nerves for a fucking physics project, I think everything will be ok. 
I watched latest episode of Glee and felling a bit better now. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Favorite youtube beuty/fashion gurus

Hey everyone! So today, I was thinking what should I write about. And I had youtube opened on my computer. So since I spend way too much hours on youtube, I thought of sharing my favorite youtubers with my blog readers. These are in no particular order I love everyone exactly the same! :)

Jenns fashion tips are the most amazing ones! Even though I love her style, I can't find any of this style clothes anywhere and I'm also, not such an internet-buyer. But Jenn is an absolute fashion inspiration!

Icallitambrosia, also known as 87daysbefore on tumblr, is absolutely gorgeous! Even though I'm a subscriber of her since 'Christmas video' I love her to death, not because of her rants ( don't get me wrong, they are hilarious), but because of her attitude. I mean, she does what she wants and does exactly it the way she wants it done. 

I recently found out, the she is getting married very soon! I am subscribed of her for about 6 months I think, but I always thought that she's about 16-17 years old! (And that's a good thing!) Her hair tutorials made me known in my class for making amazing hairstyles and I have to be thankful to her! PS. Congratulations to her! :) 

Honestly, when I first came across her videos I thought of how much hate she probably gets! This girl, admires me for her confidence! She looks a lot different from other youtube gurus and that's is so fascinating. She has her own style, always has her opinion and sticks to it! Also, she's not on youtube because of money or other stuff. I think she's here because of youtube friends and her lovely subscribers which loves her so much!

One day I was looking for British youtube gurus just because I wanted to increase my knowledge of  British by watching what I love. I unsubscribed for most of the gurus just because I couldn't understand what they were saying. But this girl is amazing! I love her blog, her videos and she has her own beauty shop,, and I love every single thing on it! 

Thrift hauls!!! I think she is the only one that really enjoys doing thrift hauls! And I always get so excited about them! I mean, not every youtube guru goes thrifting, because a lot of people think that is too low to buy second-hand clothes, since you can go to f21 or h&m every day! 

Gracie! My losing weight inspiration! She has an amazing style, crazy tattoos, which I love and huge confidence level that I'm jealous of !  She has been through a lot and she keeps me going! If she does it and I can do it too! 

I got braces 3 months ago, and I found Alex through her braces video! I love her fashion videos, which are always great, since she keeps you updated about every trend! 

Rachel, oh, Rachel! I love her to death! She is so funny and all the hauls she cracked me up! All the beauty videos that I repeated a lot! She's just amazing! 

Talking about Fleur, I don't realy know what to say. I just remember every day watching her Vlogmas, VlogAngeles, daily Vlogs and I can't wait for June vlogs as well! I watch her videos repeatedly, which is absolutely not like me! I remember her vlog, when she wanted to get a hat from Topshop I believe, but she thought that was too expensive, and the look on her face was priceless. And later, a couple of vlogs later Mike bought that hat for her! I mean, isn't it cute already? And her videos were the first ones, that I got excited for very much! Her tutorials are very informative and her reviews are always trust-worthy! 

So yeah, this is my opinion! I hope you liked reading this post, and if you have any youtube gurus that I definitely should look up, comment and let me know!