Saturday, 16 March 2013

NEW INN: prints!

Vero Moda has a really great deal on this kind of 'jumpers'. If you get one, the second one is half price. They had like simple 'university' jumpers, with an A on it, but it seemed too much 'pretty little liars' to me. And also, I fell in love with these prints. They are a little big spring-ish but not way too much. 

But this one is just absolutely amazing. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. It has 3/4 lenght sleeves ( which I adore) and is very thick material.

I guess, I just really love floral prints.  :)

little black vintage bag with studs

soooo, back in the day ( like, two months back :D) at a second hand store i saw this little simple black (cheap!) vintage bag and i thought, that would be great for the summer. later on, i ordered some golden studs. Actually, I wanted rectangular studs (pyramids), but the only option was to buy it from ebay, and I'm not so much of an ebay-buyer.

That is the end result. I really like it! :)