Monday, 21 May 2012

I want to take a picture of spring

Fabulous Sunday! It was my cousin's, his father's and grandmother's birthdays! I finally repaired my camera a bit and took a lot of photos! I missed photography so much! When I first got my camera turned on and watch through the window I got an idea that I want to take a picture of spring today! :)  While me and my little cousin were swinging on a swing (:D) I looked up and saw this amazing view that is now my favorite picture and even my desktop background.

PS. Click on the pictures to see them in bigger size! :)

This is the one!

oh, and PSS. I'm loving blogspot! I mean, there are so many amazing people, that always I want to share their experience with everyone! Blogspot is really a good place to meet new people and even find new music like I did from !!

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