Sunday, 13 May 2012

Favorite youtube beuty/fashion gurus

Hey everyone! So today, I was thinking what should I write about. And I had youtube opened on my computer. So since I spend way too much hours on youtube, I thought of sharing my favorite youtubers with my blog readers. These are in no particular order I love everyone exactly the same! :)

Jenns fashion tips are the most amazing ones! Even though I love her style, I can't find any of this style clothes anywhere and I'm also, not such an internet-buyer. But Jenn is an absolute fashion inspiration!

Icallitambrosia, also known as 87daysbefore on tumblr, is absolutely gorgeous! Even though I'm a subscriber of her since 'Christmas video' I love her to death, not because of her rants ( don't get me wrong, they are hilarious), but because of her attitude. I mean, she does what she wants and does exactly it the way she wants it done. 

I recently found out, the she is getting married very soon! I am subscribed of her for about 6 months I think, but I always thought that she's about 16-17 years old! (And that's a good thing!) Her hair tutorials made me known in my class for making amazing hairstyles and I have to be thankful to her! PS. Congratulations to her! :) 

Honestly, when I first came across her videos I thought of how much hate she probably gets! This girl, admires me for her confidence! She looks a lot different from other youtube gurus and that's is so fascinating. She has her own style, always has her opinion and sticks to it! Also, she's not on youtube because of money or other stuff. I think she's here because of youtube friends and her lovely subscribers which loves her so much!

One day I was looking for British youtube gurus just because I wanted to increase my knowledge of  British by watching what I love. I unsubscribed for most of the gurus just because I couldn't understand what they were saying. But this girl is amazing! I love her blog, her videos and she has her own beauty shop,, and I love every single thing on it! 

Thrift hauls!!! I think she is the only one that really enjoys doing thrift hauls! And I always get so excited about them! I mean, not every youtube guru goes thrifting, because a lot of people think that is too low to buy second-hand clothes, since you can go to f21 or h&m every day! 

Gracie! My losing weight inspiration! She has an amazing style, crazy tattoos, which I love and huge confidence level that I'm jealous of !  She has been through a lot and she keeps me going! If she does it and I can do it too! 

I got braces 3 months ago, and I found Alex through her braces video! I love her fashion videos, which are always great, since she keeps you updated about every trend! 

Rachel, oh, Rachel! I love her to death! She is so funny and all the hauls she cracked me up! All the beauty videos that I repeated a lot! She's just amazing! 

Talking about Fleur, I don't realy know what to say. I just remember every day watching her Vlogmas, VlogAngeles, daily Vlogs and I can't wait for June vlogs as well! I watch her videos repeatedly, which is absolutely not like me! I remember her vlog, when she wanted to get a hat from Topshop I believe, but she thought that was too expensive, and the look on her face was priceless. And later, a couple of vlogs later Mike bought that hat for her! I mean, isn't it cute already? And her videos were the first ones, that I got excited for very much! Her tutorials are very informative and her reviews are always trust-worthy! 

So yeah, this is my opinion! I hope you liked reading this post, and if you have any youtube gurus that I definitely should look up, comment and let me know! 


  1. I`ll definitely check them out! thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Thank you very much for writing such lovely things about me! I really appreciate your support :) xx

  3. I absolutely love Fleur! she is one of my favs!