Friday, 18 May 2012

puking rainbows

Easy day with fabulous pictures! Even though today I had two test and the first half of the day was so breathtakingly cold, the evening was great! Went with my friend to take some pictures, go around the town and finally relax. I haven't been out in such a long time! I'm not going to write a lot this time, just enjoy the pictures!

My hair grew so much since last June! :O
Happy with the length, but the color just drives me crazy! Hope to go to hairdressers soon! :)  

child from the fields

Proud of this picture I took!


Cosmetic by tiger and feelin' hot-hot-hot by OPI

when the name of the blog post "puking rainbows" was born

And the song that was stuck in my head all day long and I don't even know why. Maybe because of the latest episode of Glee. 
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