Saturday, 24 November 2012

New INN: beauty edition

Went on a little shopping spree! It was a "discount day". Kinda like Black Friday in America, but it was on Saturday. :D Got some new things to try out and repurchased the ones I already have tried.

A few months ago, when I bought the Maybeline BB cream, I fell in love with it instantly. Since I don't like using full coverage foundation daily, but still wanted a bit of coverage it was perfect for me. Later on, I found out about Garnier BB cream, and since I'm almost out of my Maybeline one I thought, I should try Garnier the next! I heard about The Body Shop and Loccitane having one. I guess I'll give them a try later on. I haven't tried this new purchase of mine, but I can't wait!

Since I'm so in love with BB creams, and sometimes it makes my face a little bit shiny (well, the maybeline one does), I wanted to try putting on powder. And because I heard a lot of good reviews about it, I wanted to see the goodness of it myself.

I also bought a simple powder brush with natural bristles. Very plain, compact, good for traveling.

About two months ago, I was at my regular drugstore, and I was looking for a simple face scrub, that won't dry out my face like a Garnier one I have tried before. And a shop assistant recommended me this one. I absolutely loved it. I got apricot scrub, and it was really good, refreshing,  not drying-out. This time, trying the same, but just with walnuts.

The 3rd bottle of this L'Oreal gentle eye make-up remover of mine. I just love it! Does the work and is cheap! :)

You can't really see a good view of the nail polish, but it's the "Suzuki says Da!" by OPI. Just another autumn-ish nail color to add to my OPI collection.

So these are all of my purchases of beauty world this time :) I'm also really happy about my new ahh-mazing microlab sound-system. The bass sounds are blowing-away and music sounds so much higher-quality now! <3


  1. Nagu lakas labai grazus :)

    1. Džiaugiuos išsirinkus tokią gerą, nors ir neįprastą man spalvą!