Thursday, 8 November 2012

Life is goooood

I just came back from my lecture at international university, where we were talking about "thinking". The game theory. Strategies. The lecturer was from United States. It was so nice to hear such a fluent English speaker.
The whole idea of lecture was so amazing. The main things that got stuck in my head are:
•how many times do you grab the thing that has sale/discount sign in the shop rather than counting some other products and realizing they are much cheaper and you'll get more ? Yes. My answer was the same. Almost every time.
•how many times do you do fast thinking and making fast decisions? For example : if a bat and a ball cost 1.10$ and a bat is 1$ more than the ball, how much the ball costs? When I first read the task I assumed it's 0.10$, right? Well, it's not. It's 0.05$.
•If a male is reserved, very shy, invariably helpful but sometimes likes to communicate with people, is he most likely to be a farmer or a librarian? I guessed librarian, but the right thing to think about is how many times have you seen a male librarian? That's right.

Right now my only concern actually is how to pack my bag without forgetting something? I'm going to Vilnius for 3 days. The Gospel Festival is happening. There's going to be 4 concerts! I'm so excited! I've participated in gospel festival two years ago and the memories are priceless! All of those goosebumps you get after singing a song about worshiping The Lord. Even though I don't believe in him that deeply, I adore the people that do.

Ps. I got my first monthly subscription of Adorebox! I'm going to try all of the products and I think I should write a review about it. What do you think?

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