Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Let's do this

While walking to the post today, I thought that this weather reminds me of something. Or more like someone. It seemed like it was the beginning of spring, when you can take off your jackets after a long winter and go on a bike ride. This upcoming spring I'll be already 17, waiting to have a best summer while still being a teenager. This weather made me think of what are my plans for the upcoming year, since I start 11th grade this saturday. And I got no plans. This made me scared.

I got my hair done on monday. I was feeling so good with newly done hair! And we had a little photoshoot (we just had to). I'll post some photos later, when I'll have my internet on the computer back, 'cause somehow I can go online through ny iPod and phone, but the net on the pc just doesn't want to work.

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