Wednesday, 22 August 2012

all I gave you was goodbye

at first I thought, this is just not my day. You know that moment, when you are listening to music trough earphones and you see a friend. And don't know if their going to say something more than hey. Like, do you have to take out your earphone or just say hey back and walk away. oh god that was awkward. Or when you pick the one paprika that will slide all the others down... Or when you just started baking the cake and you know already, that it won't be good. Well, at least it looked pretty. :) later, finally got the time to write letters I was thinking of writing the whole summer. Sending tomorrow.

Also, started one more thing I wanted to start awhile ago. It's my books of quotes!

 PS. If anyone is interested, my first quote is " You'll never be as young as you are now".


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    1. Iš tikrųjų nebuvo ir toks tragiškas, kaip tikėjausi :D