Sunday, 3 June 2012

what have you done to me

The day started with awful weather, disconnected internet and bad mood.
Yesterday was my town's birthday, so I needed to participate in it with my choir of course. Just to get to rehearsal it took me a lot of nerves and wet shoes. The only listeners we had was the parents of their little children, trying to capture every single concert of their kids; teachers, just because they had no choice; and elderly people, because they were tired of weeding the garden.
Later on, I found out, that I got 8 from math exam... That is really disappointing . So me and my friends decided to go and pour some drinks over our awful results and suck-ish weather. When I thought, I will be going home soon, eat ice-cream and watch some sad movie, another suggestion popped up.
A lot of drinks, amazingly good music in a tiny little room with old good friends made everything so much better!
The day ended with great weather, warm hug, kiss on a hand and coming back to an empty home late.

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