Thursday, 6 December 2012

the end of ID

Pirmą kart tikriausiai taip norisi parašyti į blogą, kad net mokslus atidėjau į šalį, nors jau gerokai po 23h. Nežinau, norisi greitai išlieti mintis ir vėliau bandyti susikaupti literatūros apklausai. Neseniai grįžau iš paskutiniojo LCC ID Series susitikimo. Tiek daug emocijų, net nežinau kaip jas visas išreikšt. Visi tokie nerealūs žmonės. Tiek juoko net negalvojau patirt šįvakar. Iš viso, mano expectations were so low, I mean, all was I thinking about was getting home earlier and doing some school stuff that I really needed to do ( like learn for the test I mentioned and to do additional studying). Also, I was worried a bit, because all the other groups were meeting just for the preparation for presentation ( if that makes sense ) and my group met only one time, did the mind map and no other thoughts about presentation. We literally were standing around the project two minutes before " going in front of an audience" and thought about what we should say. And we got 2nd place! (out of 5, so that's pretty amazing!). We also were given some prizes that I didn't expect at all! LCC mug is right here beside me and I feel so glad that I chose to do this. That I was brave enough for not being a shy mouse and speaking my mind. That I made an impulsive decision and actually had a great time of it. I can't wait to go abroad and meet new people!

Ups :o
Nu, neperrašinėsiu, bet jo. Visgi angliškai geriau liejasi mintys. Nesimokysiu lietuvių. Dėjau.

Our 2nd place MINDMAP

 And in the end there were only 5 of us! Group #1 <3

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